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Choosing a Wire Mesh Filter Provider for Prototypes

by:Bluekin     2020-06-02
Prototype production is an important part of research and development for any company. Whether creating a single prototype or testing several models under different conditions to determine performance limitations and durability factors, it's essential that you have the right components. Many different industries require wire mesh filter production for their prototypes, from biotechnology to food processing and everything in between. How do you choose the right company, though? A History of Working with Myriad Industries Perhaps the first thing to determine about a wire mesh filter provider is whether or not they have experience working with other companies in your industry. Prototype filter manufacturers with experience serving a wide range of industries (and yours in particular) will have a better understanding of the strict requirements necessary for filter production for each type of application. For instance, food production filters will have different physical and chemical requirements than those used in petrochemicals. Custom Filter Options Some companies might offer wire mesh filter production for prototyping in only a handful of styles or designs. However, there's certainly no one-size-fits-all here. You need a filter manufacturer capable of taking your current design specifications and manufacturing a filter that meets those specifications exactly. From pore size and distribution to end cap design and filter shape, you need a company that specializes in meeting your production design requirements. 'Close' doesn't cut it here. Screen Material Type Depending on your application, you might need any of several different wire mesh filter screen types. Some applications will need to use woven wire cloth, while others will need to use metal mesh fabric, or metal sintered laminates. While it's important for your R&D team to experiment with different material types to determine the best choice for final production, it's essential that you work with a company capable of supplying any and all metal mesh screen materials. Filter Applications What applications does the prototype manufacturer support? Some companies only offer prototype filter manufacture for a handful of applications. Make sure that the manufacturer you choose not only offers filters for your desired application, but has experience with that application. For instance, a company might offer filters for fluidized bed dryers, but if they lack experience producing prototypes for those applications, chances are good that you'll encounter problems. Production and Shipping Time When creating prototypes, speed is often of the essence. All of your research and development must be finished before you can head to true production. The longer it takes for your wire mesh screen material to arrive, the longer it will be before you can begin testing and the longer it will be before production can start. Therefore, make sure you consider the time for production and shipping of your filter. You need a company that understands time is of the essence and can offer the fastest production to shipping time, without sacrificing production quality. Choosing a prototype manufacturer is an important part of the R&D process, and you should never choose blindly.
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