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choosing the right type of strapping for your shipment

by:Bluekin     2020-12-10
Select size and strength in order to determine the strength of the bundle you need, multiply the weight of the palette by number 1. 5.
Divide this number by the number of straps used.
The result is the minimum tensile strength required to ensure the color palette is safe.
Once you have determined the strength you need, you can choose the width and thickness of your bundle.
The higher the breaking strength, the wider and thicker the band you need.
In general, a load with a break strength below 2200 pounds requires a bundle of thickness between the two. 020 and . 031.
The width and thickness will also increase as the strength of the break increases, so 35000-
For example, a pound of goods requires at least a wide bundle. 031 thick.
Choosing the type of strapping steel is the oldest and most reliable way to ensure shipment.
For very heavy goods, choose steel strapping and there will be no risk of precipitation or deformation during shipment.
This can include short
Long distance shipment of various heavy or long distance goods
Non long distance transport
Compressed goods
The steel is strong because it is able to maintain its shape, but the steel packaging may become loose if the palette changes or deposits during transportation.
Steel can withstand great tension, heavy objects that can be used to bind bricks or cement, or for short-distance transportation of heavy paper goods.
The high strength steel strapping retains the strength of the steel and adds flexibility.
Since it\'s hot.
The treated high-strength steel is able to stretch and move as the goods are transported, ensuring a higher level of protection in case of settling.
Due to its tensile capacity, the coil of high-strength steel provides more footage than the coil of ordinary steel of the same strength.
Polyester strapping select polyester strapping to ensure that there is a risk of transfer or precipitation during transportation.
Softer goods transferred or precipitated during shipment will eventually change the shape of the pallet up to 10%.
The tensile rate of polyester fiber is 8-
10%, which means that when it moves, it is molded into the form of a palette to ensure that the load remains safe.
If it is applied by hand, you should also choose polyester strapping.
This lightweight material prevents your employees from having to lift heavy-duty steel strapping coils weighing up to 100 pounds.
For companies interested in converting from steel bundles, polyester bundles can be a very cost-effective option.
However, keep in mind that a new strapping machine may be required to replace polyester fiber.
If you are currently using a hand-tied tool to fix the color palette, then it would be more economical to switch to polyester because new machines are not needed and polyester might be 40% cheaper than steel.
Polypropylene strapping is the perfect choice for light to medium
Shipped by weight.
It is especially suitable for electric strapping machines, but can also be used with manual strapping machines.
While polypropylene straps are not as powerful as steel or polyester, they offer excellent flexibility.
When light to medium bundles are transferred and settled during transportation, polypropylene is combined with the goods to ensure the safety of the goods.
For smaller quantities of paper or paper products, dry goods and frozen foods, this method of bundling is selected.
The most important part of choosing which type of strapping to use is to decide what is best for your shipment.
In addition to cost savings and efficiency, ensuring that each shipment arrives in good condition is the best way to reduce overall profit.
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