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Garden Fencing Can Be the Finishing Touch to Any Garden

by:Bluekin     2020-06-14
A flower garden in the backyard or on any other part of the property can be inviting, colorful and a welcome addition to the home. It dresses up the outer portion of the house and gives any home the feeling of warmth and charm. It may also be helpful to add some forms of decoration to the area that will act as accent pieces and highlight the spot. Sometimes lawn ornaments will be used, such as a gnome, little animal statues or a birdbath. Other times, garden fencing can be added to the area to enclose and protect it from wandering animals and to dress up the plot with a decorative touch. Fencing can come in different styles and designs. It can also be made out of a number of materials, depending on the taste of the homeowner and what specific purpose it is meant to serve. If the main purpose is to protect vegetables from prowling animals, then wire fencing would be the wisest choice. It can come in different gauges and heights. A wire mesh fence is most often the choice of those who are trying to keep vegetables safe, as it serves more of a useful purpose than a decorative one. It can also be used for flowers, and it will not accentuate the area in a decorative way. For that purpose, a different type of material with a more ornate design can be used. Garden fence designs can be very simple or elaborate. This type of design may be used to encircle the entire property instead of just one small plot of ground. If this is the objective, then the enclosure will often include a gate of some sort that will be positioned in front of the house and will open to allow visitors entry, sometimes including a cobblestone path to the front door. Whether it is meant to encircle the house or just one small spot, the enclosure can be made out of a number of different materials, such as wood or wood picket, bamboo, metal, vinyl, chain link or PVC. A garden can also be elaborately designed with an arbor, a pergola or a gazebo, depending on the amount of room that is available. There may even be a tranquil koi pond with a waterfall tucked into a corner with a decorative fence backdrop. With the proper type of enclosure, the outer portion of the home can look as attractive and inviting as the rooms within.
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