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How To Extend The Life Of A Wood Fence

by:Bluekin     2020-09-19

Dig your holes about 8 inches in diameter if you’re using the identical posts and backfilling with soil and gravel. One rule of thumb is to make the holes three times wider than the submit width, or about 10 half of inches for 4-by-4 posts. An application of copper naphthenate wood preservative is essential if you're making your personal fence posts from recent-minimize wooden and must be utilized liberally over the whole fence posts. If you have pressure-handled fence posts that already resists insect and decay, a second software of preservative on the backside end of the post solely helps to extend its rot resistance. Allow all fence posts and rails to air-dry for a number of months earlier than applying paint or wood sealer to the wood.

Set the wooden fence posts in a cool, dry space with loads of air circulation so the wooden can dry. Drying may take a number of months when you make your posts from fresh wooden. Before you dig, remember to call your native utilities firm to mark any underground cables. Also, reassess your fence format and make sure your posts are where you want them.

The minimum depth that you need to dig your fence submit holes for panel sections is 2 feet. A general method is to dig the holes one-third to at least one-half of the publish’s aboveground height. The deeper you dig the holes, the extra stability your fence has, however you must additionally buy longer posts. Not all fence installers use concrete to set the posts, however the overwhelming majority do. An alternative methodology is to backfill across the posts with soil and gravel, tamping every layer firmly as you go.

Apply extra coats after the first coat absorbs into the wooden. Push soil across the fence submit to hide the gravel; moist soil across the fence post may cause the submit to rot, which is why you must deal with a portion of the wooden that is exposed above floor. Build the soil up at a slight slope around the publish to encourage drainage and prevent water from pooling up at the base of the post. Allow the posts to dry overnight before installing the fence.

This method makes it easier to replace a publish sooner or later if it breaks or splits. The width of your submit holes must be a minimal of 10 inches broad, should you’re utilizing four-by-four posts and filling the holes with concrete.

This prevents the paint and sealer from trapping moisture inside the wood and rotting from the inside out. If you allowed the posts to air-dry sufficiently earlier than making use of preservative, then you possibly can paint the posts right away, however you should make sure any wood rails are sufficiently dry. Brush the waterborne copper naphthenate wooden preservative onto the highest of the fence posts where the recent cut reveals exposed, untreated wood.

If the soils are heavy and the percolation rate gradual, this method will direct water into the publish hole, where it'll stay for a while, hastening rot. If a filter material isn’t used between the present soil and the gravel, the gravel finally will become contaminated with soil, diminishing its effectiveness.
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