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Important Considerations in Wire Mesh Filter Design

by:Bluekin     2020-06-19
Filtration is an enormously important factor in many different forms of production, service and more. Without proper filtration, contamination, system deterioration and other problems can arise. Obviously, having the right wire mesh filter is important. However, there are some important considerations in choosing the right filtration solution. Different elements of filter design and construction should be understood to ensure that you are able to find the right one for your specific needs. Shaped Filter Screens Different types of filtration needs will require different shapes for the final wire mesh filter. Some applications call for a simple disc of mesh, held in place by a metal collar. However, there are many applications that require a very specific shape - funnel, circular, oval, and indented circular shapes are common. There are also custom shaped filters required in many different applications. For instance, a top hat filter would not be used in the same situations as a flat filter. Therefore, when choosing a provider, you must ensure that they are able to create the shape that you need. Types of Wire Mesh Filter In addition to producing a wide range of different filter shapes and sizes, your supplier also needs to be able to provide you with a screen type that fits your needs. For instance, wire mesh filter material is available with several different opening diameters and shapes. You need to choose the right shape and diameter to fit your filtration needs. As an example, if you are filtering fine particulates from a liquid, then you will need a mesh filter with small openings. Surface Area Another significant factor in the creation of high quality wire mesh filter products is the question of surface area. Simple filters have limited surface area - they tend to be flat, or have a simple shape that fits within the filter housing. However, there are numerous applications that require a greater filter surface area. In these applications, the filter mesh will need to have specific shapes to meet different needs. For instance, many mesh filter products are designed with fins, or with an undulating appearance to provide more surface area and better filtration. Particle Retention This is one of the most important considerations when purchasing any wire mesh filter. Particle retention is a measure of how small the particles allowed to pass through the mesh are, and is usually measured in microns. A filter with a low particle retention will allow larger particles to pass through than one with a higher level of particle retention. Obviously, this will be an application specific consideration, and you'll need to ensure that you choose the right filter for each situation. Choosing Your Provider Obviously, there are several considerations that need to be made when searching for the best wire mesh filter provider. Your final decision should hinge on that provider's quality and reputation for providing superior products, as well as their dedication and ability to meet your specific needs for filtration.
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