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Making Decorated Wire Mesh Candle Screens

by:Bluekin     2020-06-10
Making decorated art mesh candle screens is a fun project for both grown-ups and kids, and these candle screens make terrific holiday gifts. You can buy a wire frame ready-made, or else make one yourself from stiff wire bent into shape. Make two wire squares for top and bottom and four wire 'legs' which hold the top and bottom together at the corners (either welded, or simply by bending wire loops tightly around each corner top and bottom). Using the wire frame as a model, make a square pattern the same size as the bottom of the frame, lay it on a piece of copper wire mesh, trace around it, and cut it out for the screen's bottom. Cut out three rectangles of copper wire mesh for the screen's sides the same width as the sides of the wire frame, but A�' longer than the frame (so you can fold the edge over the top of the frame to attach the eyelets). Then make another pattern for back with the same width as the frame's sides, but an inch shorter in length (to leave a space at the bottom to insert a tea light). If you like, you can apply heat with a heat gun to the copper mesh: varying the application time changes the color from orange, to rust, to red, to blue, to gold, which enables you to achieve interesting color effects. Marking the places where they should go, place eyelets along the sides of the wire mesh pieces with an eyelet setter. Start attaching the mesh screen sides to the frame at the top: fold A�' of each wire mesh side over the top of the frame and place eyelets along the edges. Thread fun wire from hole to hole to join the flaps of each side together over the top of the frame. Then mark where eyelets should be placed to join the mesh to the sides of the frame. Eyelets on adjacent sides of the screen should be staggered to produce a pleasing, spiral-like effect. Then attach the copper wire mesh sides, back, and bottom to the wire frame by threading fun wire through the eyelets and around the frame's wire sides, pulling the wire taught as you go with a needle-nose pliers. Secure the wire ends at the top and bottom of each side with a double loop of wire wrapped around the frame. Now the fun part begins: you can decorate the screen with pictures, either photos you have taken, or cut from magazines, and framed with embossed metal frames. Or you just create abstract or nature patterns such as flowers, leaves, or animals from bent wire or embossed metal sheets, and glue them to the screen with Super Glue. When the screen is finished, place a tea light inside through the gap between the back and bottom of the screen. All the materials you need can be purchased online from an arts and crafts supply house such as the American Art Clay Company.
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