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Nail Series



Concrete Steel Nail

nailed to some harder objects that are not nailed. Because the material is very different from ordinary nails, it is a special nail. concrete nails are very hard, thick and short, and have a strong ability to pierce.

Sod Staple Roofing Nail

The Sod Staple Nail is made of high-quality Q195 low-carbon steel wire, and then cold-plated (electroplating), hot-plating, PVC coating and other surface passivation, plasticizing treatment, mesh surface smoothing, mesh uniformity, solder joints A grid-like wire mesh product with good firmness, good local machining performance, stability, corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

There are two types of Sod Staple Nails: U Type and G Type


Designed to be reusable
For holding down pipes in hard soils
For securing landscape and weed barrier fabrics, as well as landscaping, turf, dog and electric fences
Perfect for use in the yard, dog fences, and landscaping
Heavy duty landscape staples sold in bulk
Sharp chisel point: effortless application