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Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

by:Bluekin     2020-05-25
Your choice to have an outdoor rabbit can be a good choice if you choose the proper home for your rabbit to live in. It's best to go with an outdoor rabbit hutch. There are a few different things to take into consideration when buying an outdoor rabbit hutch. A couple things to think about is the brand, the quality, the price, size, and the weather. No matter what brand you use you want to make sure the quality is superb. The cage is made out of wire mesh. The last thing you want is for your rabbit to be getting poked by the wire mesh. The wire mesh should cover all sections of wood to prevent your rabbit from gnawing on the wood. The cage needs to be sturdy and well put together. The cage needs to be built to withstand the weather conditions and hazards of the area you live in. The roof of the cage should be able to keep your rabbit dry from the rain. Other than weather conditions the hutch needs to be able to keep predators from getting your rabbit. Hutches should be a decent size. If too small your rabbit will feel cramped. The standards are that for each pound your rabbit weighs the rabbit hutch should be one square foot. The typical needed size is six square foot, but the more space a rabbit has the happier the rabbit will be. If you are planning on more than one rabbit then of course you need a bigger size. If you provide your rabbit with sufficient space then you are providing a space that allows your rabbit to get exercise. A nice rabbit hutch will also have a department for the accessories that you need to care for your rabbit. When noticing the range of prices on rabbit hutches do not even considering buying the cheapest you can find because chances are it will not be of good quality. Prices do vary from less than a hundred to several hundred. The cheaper rabbit cages often do not have the wood stand, which really is important. As you can see there are things to consider before buying a rabbit hutch. So it is not wise to run out and buy the first thing you see because it may be the wrong choice for your rabbit for various reasons. Look around before buying your rabbit hutch to make sure it is the right choice for your rabbit.
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