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The load-bearing gravity of a nail

The load-bearing gravity of a nail


Nails are a kind of thing used to fix things. They have pointed heads and can penetrate many places, but many of them are used to fix wood. The effect of their use is good, and the effect of use is also very good. It's good, he can kiss enough to fix things mainly because they rely on friction, so this effect is very good.


The production process of nails is mainly wire drawing, cold heading, polishing, etc. The production process of nails is relatively simple. The raw material for the production of nails is coiled round, that is, round steel in a coil. After wire drawing, the diameter of the nail shaft is pulled out, and then cold headed to make the tail and tip of the nail, and then polish the finished product. If the nail surface needs to be electroplated or blackened, you can add these steps.


Nails seem to be an ordinary thing, but they can be fixed and support more than 23,000 times their own weight. This kind of reason is mainly caused by its manufacturing process. Nails are common around us. They can Very good for fixing heavy objects.