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The Need for Pre-Tensioned Screens in Industrial

by:Bluekin     2020-06-21
Screening is an essential part of numerous processes. Manufacturers of systems that require screens for operation often find that pre-tensioned screens are required to meet their specific needs. These screens arrive from a screen manufacture fully pre-tensioned and mounted on a frame. This offers considerable savings in terms of time and labor to the system manufacturer. However, not all manufacturers of pre-tensioned screens are created equal. It's essential that any OEM requiring screens pre-tensioned and delivered on frames choose the best possible company for their needs. Industries Served by the Manufacturer One of the most important considerations here is the range of industries and applications served by the screen manufacturer. Quite a few products and processes require screening, and it is vital that the manufacturer be able to meet the exacting specifications required in these processes. For instance, these screens are often required in the processing of minerals and chemicals, as well as in powder coatings, pigments, pharmaceuticals, metal powders and even certain types of food production. Working with a manufacturer with experience meeting the needs of process OEMs is more than important. Screen Shapes and Sizes Another important consideration here is the availability of different screen shapes and sizes. Ideally, pre-tensioned screens should be available in a wide range of both shapes and sizes to meet the needs of various OEMs. For example, one OEM might require round screens, while another might need square frame screens instead. Size ranges can vary dramatically with different applications, as well. One manufacturer might require a small, 16-inch screen, while another might require a 72-inch screen. Moreover, the same manufacturer might require multiple screen sizes and shapes, depending on the process in question. It's best to work with a pre-tensioned screen manufacturer capable of supplying the size and shape required exactly. Not all manufacturers are capable of supplying both large and small screens, and even those who do often do not offer all shapes in all sizes. Screen Material Considerations Of course, the material chosen for these screens is another essential consideration. It's important to work with a manufacturer that offers a full line of screen materials. While some companies might focus almost exclusively on stainless steel wire mesh, the right manufacturer will provide screens from tensile bolting cloth, ASTM E11 test sieve cloth and stainless steel wire mesh as well. Mesh and Diameter The capabilities of different screen manufactures vary considerably. The best choice is to locate a manufacturer capable of supplying 500 mesh, 0.0010-inch wire mesh diameter, all the way up to 4 mesh, 0.050-inch wire diameter screens. This wide range of capabilities ensures that any needs can be met, even if they change on a regular basis. Who Requires Pre-Tensioned Screens? A significant number of OEMs require the use of screens that have been pre-tensioned and mounted to a specifically shaped frame. For example, some vibrating screen manufacturers find this need. OEMS of sifters (both round and square) also require pre-tensioning and mounting. Of course, these screens also play a role in ultrasonic screening systems, as well. Finally, OEMs manufacturing rotating screeners also require these services.
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