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Thinking About Buying a Dog Crate?

by:Bluekin     2020-05-17
Your dog needs a safe place where it can go and get away from the hurly burly of any household. It is here where a crate comes into its own - a den for your dog within his own home. It is your task to make the crate as comfortable and welcoming as possible. To that end it would be sensible to use an old blanket and some of his toys to help your dog feel right at home. You need to be aware though that crate training is not always that easy and it can, with some dogs, take a little time to accomplish. So again as in all your dog training be patient and remember perseverance will be vital to successfully crate train your dog. There are a wide variety of crates you can choose from, you can be sure you will find one that will suit your needs. Which ever type you choose here are some point you should keep in mind when buying and using a crate: * First of all, the size of the crate, or cage as it sometimes called. Your puppy might be small now but he will grow and a crate which is large enough for him to grow into is important rather than a smaller sized one that fits him now. Make sure your dog, when fully grown, will have enough room to move round and have enough headroom to be comfortable. * Easy cleaning is important, so a plastic crate could be useful from that point of view. You could use old bedding sheets or newspapers to make cleaning easier and make it more comfortable for you dog. *At times you might want to keep your puppy restricted in his crate, so, make sure your purchase has a secure catch. Please remember though, do not shut your dog away for long periods of time - they are social animals and love company. If the crate is used properly, the dog may choose to sleep in the crate and should that be the case, the crate door should left open. * Some dogs enjoy the all round view given to them by a wire mesh crate whilst others are made to feel a little unsure and unsafe in such an environment. Always best to check to see which best suits your dog. * Are you going to take the crate to different locations - by car or plane. Make sure you have a kind that is approved for airline travel or can be secured for car travel. If you purchase a folding dog crate, you will find it much easier to both store and carry your crate around with you. * Some owners always remove their dog's collar before putting him the crate for safety reasons. * Toys that are safe to chew can be left in the crate with your be careful though, that nothing is left that your dog might swallow and cause an accident when you are not around. A dog crate is, and should be used as, a tool when you are training your dog.
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