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What You Should Know About Sun Screen Canopy Technology

by:Bluekin     2020-06-22
Glass architecture has become increasingly common in today's world. From luxury condominiums to high-rise office buildings, glass truly is the building material of choice. It makes perfect sense. Glass is beautiful, structurally sound and can be used to create stunning architectural designs. However, there are some problems here. For instance, sunlight shining through glass windows and walls can have an adverse effect on climate control, and it can also reduce privacy. Sun screen canopy technology can help. What Is a Sun Screen Canopy? In essence, a sun screen canopy is really nothing more than a specialized wire mesh adapted for use as a fa?�ade over glass structures. Wire mesh can be used to break up and disperse sunlight, providing protection from heat and damaging direct sunrays. However, this material does not completely block sunlight from entering. Rather, it helps create a light, comfortable atmosphere. It can also help provide better privacy for those on the other side of the glass. Is a Sun Screen Canopy Aesthetic? Some might worry that a sun screen canopy would detract from a building's aesthetics. After all, one point of using glass in a building's architecture is to achieve a particular look or feel. Doesn't adding a wire mesh fa?�ade over the exterior of the building take away from that aesthetic? Actually, that's not the case at all. In fact, this type of installation can actually be used to add innovation to a particular installation. They can be customized in a number of different ways. For instance, by utilizing special technology, words and even pictures can be blended with the wire mesh, creating a dramatic visual presentation for any building, from government offices to hospitals, libraries, condominiums and office buildings. What Types of Wire Mesh Can Be Used? You'll find that numerous types can be used to create a sun screen canopy. Several different factors must be considered before choosing a mesh type, though. Considerations for mesh type include the desired amount of visibility through the mesh, the incorporation of words or graphics in the mesh and the necessary robustness of the mesh. For instance, wire mesh can be created with a special weave that makes the mesh seem closed from specific angles, while appearing transparent from other angles. This is an excellent solution for buildings where privacy is a concern. Aesthetic considerations will also play a role. For example, the level of reflection created by the wire mesh must be taken into account, though mesh with wider openings between strands will have less reflection (and appear transparent from more angles). The local environment must also be taken into account. Areas with highly corrosive environments (seaside areas, etc.) will require special considerations not found in other geographic areas. The best course of action is to work with a manufacturer capable of supplying any type of sun screen canopy needed. A manufacturer with expertise designing and creating sun screen canopies for many different projects, architectural styles and purposes is the best choice.
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