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Why The Studded T Post Is Good For you?

Why The Studded T Post Is Good For you?


Our company – TIANJIN BLUEKIN has exported fence post, wire mesh, iron wire etc to USA,CANADA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE etc for more than ten years with high quality. The studded t post is very popular in America market for many advantages.


• T design resists bending
• Heavier and stronger than U posts
• Swaged anchor plates give posts stability
• Rail steel naturally resistant to weathering
• Easy to drive into ground – no holes to dig
• Strong holding power for any type of fence
• Galvanized posts meet Federal Highway specs with superior rust resistance
• Studs prevent fence fabric from riding up or down the post

• Fence fabric attached securely to post by pre-formed metal clips

• Anchor plates cold forged to post


It is was widly used as below:

• Highway fence
• Boundary marker
• Snow fence support
• Farm and field fence
• Tree and shrub support
• Deer and wildlife fence
• Sand fence for dune maintenance
• Landfill and construction site fence

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