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Wire Mesh Containers and Displays - Discover the Benefits

by:Bluekin     2020-05-24
From candy shops to convenience stores, if you manage any kind of retail business, chances are you're interested in more exciting ways to display your merchandise. Plastic, glass, and acrylic containers have their benefits, but for the most part, we're all pretty used to them, right? If you're looking for an alternative to plastic, glass, and acrylic - and even the common convenience store racks, wire display racks, and rotating bucket racks - consider looking into wire mesh basket displays to attractively and conveniently showcase your store's merchandise. Find Wire Mesh Basket Displays in Various Styles and Sizes As you start looking for mesh basket displays, you'll probably run across two main kinds: Grid display fixtures and rotating basket displays. Each kind will offer versions with different numbers of baskets and other features but, for the most part, a wire mesh basket display is usually a flat panel grid display or a circular rotating display. Grid display fixtures usually hold eight or twelve wire mesh baskets in rows of two or three, and you can find grid fixtures that feature a slanted design to help you make the most of your display space or you can find grid fixtures designed to make the mesh baskets themselves slant so your customers can easily access the merchandise inside. Wire mesh grid display fixtures are great for creating displays virtually anywhere in your store - from the aisles to the POP. Rotating basket displays generally come with three, four, or five baskets designed to rotate around a center rod; however, this isn't why they're called 'rotating.' They're called 'rotating' because the displays themselves rotate on wheels. This allows customers to be able to view the merchandise much more easily than if they had to walk all the way around the fixture. You can find rotating basket displays that have dividers in the baskets to help you organize and display your merchandise, and just like grid display fixtures, rotating basket displays are great display tools for nearly every area of your store. Wire Mesh Containers Versus Plastic and Glass Both plastic and glass containers as display fixtures have been around for a while, and for good reason - they both offer functional, attractive ways to display merchandise. However, in time, plastic containers can become dull and scratched, and glass containers are always susceptible to breaking, which makes them less than ideal choices for stores, or at least certain areas in stores, that experience high volumes of traffic. Wire mesh containers, on the other hand, are similar to plastic and glass containers in that they're designed so customers can see the merchandise inside them, yet they're less likely than plastic and glass containers to break or become damaged. Wire Mesh Baskets Help Display Numerous Kinds of Merchandise Mesh baskets and their grid display fixtures of rotating displays are designed to be sturdy; as long as the merchandise item meets the size and weight requirements of the display, you can showcase just about anything in your wire mesh baskets!
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