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Wire Mesh Filter Design Offers Many Practical Uses

by:Bluekin     2020-05-14
A wire mesh filter is made of connected strands of metal, and offers a semi-permeable barrier that is useful for a wide variety of applications. Mesh made of metal can be used to create screens that block out insects, for filtration, to protect against radiation from microwave ovens and similar devices, and for many other applications. Mesh is also used in scientific laboratories, in architectural design, and as an essential component in an array of industrial products. Industrial Use Wire mesh filter has been used as a tool to produce pharmaceuticals, metallic powders, medical products, and foods. It has been used for acoustical noise abatement, and for construction shielding both for environmental and security protection. Various grades of wire filters are manufactured depending on the industrial application it will be used for. Market Grade, Sieve Grade and Bolting Cloth are a few examples. In addition, the type of weave used to produce the filters will change the function of a filter. Filtration weaves include Broad Mesh Twilled, Dutch Twilled, and Single Dutch Weave. Various aperture sizes, alloys and other factors must also be considered so that the wire mesh filter can be effectively applied as intended. Laboratory Test Sieves For decades, wire mesh filters have been used in laboratories to ensure quality control. For example, laboratories that produce agricultural products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bio-industry products, or foods must use specific types in order to create consistent products that meet all quality control standards. Test sieve filters offer a cost-effective method for producing measured, reliable results each and every time no matter where a product is produced. Since so many of today's companies produce products in various locations, test sieve filters ensure that results are repeatable in every location. Architectural Design Modern architects use wire mesh filter for a variety of purposes, including exterior cladding, wall systems, and for the facades of buildings. Design woven wire mesh can be seen on many innovative architectural structures these days, and offer greater texture, color, and other esthetic and functional benefits that enhance the overall structure of buildings or parking garages. Engineered Products There are countless everyday products that require wire mesh filter components. The size, aperture, and shape of the filter must be designed to fit seamlessly with the product it will be used for. Products that these filters are specifically designed for include fluidized bed dryers, vacuum filters, pressure filters, and filter cartridges. Each filter is designed with a number of objectives in mind. For instance, the Porostar Hyperflo is designed for applications that require increased flow with a lower pressure drop. This filter is most often used for low pressure applications. Modern Applications Wire mesh filters have become an invaluable tool for an extensive variety of modern applications. The need for high-quality, reliable, accurately measured wire mesh filter products has grown in recent decades as the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, plastics industry, chemical industry, petrochemicals and other industries continue to expand and search for cost-effective methods for producing their products.
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